Dealing with Parents.

It is expected that when one is training young athletes in any sport, they will have to come in contact with the parents. Parents always want the best for their child, however they don’t always know how to get that, hence sometimes ending up in the way of their child’s success.

As a trainer you cannot expect your young riders to be left completely alone in your hands. There will always be at least one parent involved in the process. And here is the trick:

If you cannot avoid it, use it!

There are negative and positive sides to having parents involved in the training of their children. Lets take a closer look at the two sides:


  • parents don’t know and hence do not understand enough about riding
  • they get in the way in their effort to help
  • they might stress their kid out
  • they want their kid to be better that all others
  • they don’t realise that every child brings back results in his or her own time


  • they know their kid better than anyone
  • their kid trusts them
  • their kid feels safe when they are around
  • they are willing to help with no further interest than their child’s success

And the list goes on…

Some parents will try and get more involved while others will only step in when the going gets rough. In either case, as a trainer you ought to think smart.

If the they want to get involved teach them how to! 

You should be happy that the parents of your pupils are willing to spend the energy in their kid’s effort. Your job is now to lead them in the right direction!

  1. Talk to them and educate them on riding issues that they do not understand.

It is expected that since one has never been a rider in their life, they will not be able to understand the challenges of being on a horse’s back. You will have to discuss issues such as balance, feeling, stride accuracy, and other special characteristics of the given horse and rider.

2.  Make them feel useful.

Once they have understood a few things, ask them for assistance. Give them specific tasks where they can be useful and feel like offering to their child’s success. Energy is always useful if it is directed the right way!

3.   Do not push them away.

In the case that they are getting too involved in competition circumstances, try not to push them away completely. Make an effort to explain how their kid is feeling too much pressure from the way they are getting involved during a competition and get them to adjust their interference to a lighter version. For example, if they want to be around in case of emergency let them. However, their kid will know that the parent is there holding a bottle of water in case he or she needs a sip before they go in the ring.

Every case is different and every person needs special handling. Sometimes when you find yourself in a situation you get overwhelmed and cannot think clearly. That is what we are hear for! Feel free to enrich our list by sharing your experience and concerns with us and we promise to try our best to help by providing you with a different insight on your situation.


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