Why should your children start riding.

Many parents (including mine) get horrified when their child starts asking to get on a horse. It’s too dangerous! It’s too time consuming! It’s too expensive! And many more terrible things revolve around the idea of their child starting to ride horses!

The worst part? All of them are true! Numerous times my dad has told me “why couldn’t you just have picked up tennis? I could be buying you skirts and tennis balls every day and still would not spend as much as your horses eat!”

But no sport is like horse riding! That even may dad will agree with! It is not an individual sport, but it is not a team sport either. It is the only sport that requires a human and an animal in full cooperation.

Why is horse riding the best sport for children?

  1. Because your children will learn to move and act around a very sensitive animal, such as  horses are, making them confident and caring for animals on a wider spectrum. Horse riding is a great opportunity for them to get familiar with something different than conventional sports, school, smartphones and all kinds of screens.
  2. Because your child will have the chance to be a child. get dirty, get bruised, fall off and get back up and on the horse. Important life lessons can be learned in the arena!
  3. Cold, rain, snow, heat, drought; none of these work as excuses! When it is training time it is training time. Might sound harsh, but once determination and stamina build up nothing will stop your children from defeating their goals. Plus their immune system will become unbeatable!
  4. Riding awakens your senses! To ride you need to be relaxed and use your feeling, hence allowing the horse to move freely. Horses don’t speak, but you need to listen carefully and understand their body language either on or off their back!
  5. We all have bad days. So do horses! As a rider, your child will have to understand that he or she will have to work hard on keeping their partner in top form. Focusing on one’s self is not enough if one’s horse is not properly taken care of!
  6. Horse riding is a sport where men and women compete on equal terms, which is closer to modern society circumstances. Also competitions include athletes of all ages, from 10 to 60 or some times 70. Your child will have to learn to compete against people with greater experience that themselves and learn that winning takes time and great effort.

These are only a few reasons why your child should start horse riding. There are many more to add, especially if your child is a teenager!

I would not change horse riding if you asked me 1000 times. It has so much to offer that you cannot imagine until you feel it and see it happen! Don’t hesitate. Let your children ride. Open a whole different world for them and you will not regret it!

Let us know how it goes. 😉


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