Workout for Riders.

As I’ve said before, horse riding is a tough sport. Tough for the mind, tough for the muscles and tough for the skeleton. Horse riders should take better care of themselves.

Going to the gym 2-3 times a week can save you from a lot of pain while putting you in a much better form for riding. However, not all of us have the time to attend the gym. Here are some no-gym-included-solutions:

  1. If you are off season and are looking for a program to follow in order to keep fit and be ready to ride your horses again when the time comes, try following this seven day workout by The Jodhpurs Company.
  2. If you are not willing or do not have the time to go to the gym, you should take a look at this Rider Fitness post by the Horse & Hound. I found it highly motivating and easy to follow.
  3. Now, if it is the day before the show and you are afraid you might be too tired or too sore for your competition, you should try “Your Day-Before a Show Workout” by The Jodhpurs Company.
  4. Finally, for those of you who cannot be bother to go to the gym, but also cannot be bothered to exercise too much at home, there is the “30 Day Horse & Rider Fitness Challenge” by a fellow horse rider and blogger who is too busy to workout.

It does not matter how you chose to work out. Every showjumper will find a different way of exercising suits them according to their program and their willingness.

Only one thing is important. Work out! Find what suits you and do it. It will help you ride, compete, and win!

Share your workout experience with us! What do you think helps you the most?


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